Jelena Krstic

With more than ten years of marketing experience by working for premium brands, Jelena Krstic, established MISSJ.theAgency in 2013. She loved working for corporates, but firmly believed that she could do a better job on her own. With MISSJ she took a chance… And it worked out pretty well! The agency keeps expanding! 😉

The company’s name started out as MISSJPR. After a while Jelena figured out that this name was too limited for her abilities. She was operating on several projects which required far more than just PR. She realized that she was not only rocking PR, but much more and that’s how MISSJ.TheAgency is originated.

Jelena has worked (freelance) for leading brands such as Microsoft, JBL, Exact, Nuon and also for lifestyle brands like 100% Natural Juice and The Goaldiggers Club. She has a passionate voice when it comes to women empowerment and equality, and is a firm believer that only a positive mindset can create a positive vibe.

At MISSJ.TheAgency we have the experience to create the right marketing strategy and flawless execution. We believe in quality over quantity and we will get the best out of the job. All we need is room to be creative!

Sounds good? We think so too! Send us an e-mail to, and then we’ll get in touch with you very soon!!