100% Natural Juice

100% Natural Juice is a delicious fruit – and vegetable juice that comes in different combinations and flavors. The juices don’t contain any preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or added sugars. Their packages get everyone’s attention with the cheerfull, fresh and cool design and names like ‘Coconut Grove’ and ‘La Vida Loca’.


Every time you close your eyes, you’re far away from here with your feet in the sand, the warm sun on your skin and the wind gently waving through the palm trees. Oh, My Goods is a body care line with a twist which stands out and brings the exotic fruit and tropical island directly […]

Beauty by Iresh

We can’t ignore it anymore! Eyelash extensions are hot and we cannot imagine a world without them. This trend blew over from America and Brazil. Beauty by Iresh is an upscale salon in Amsterdam and the place to be when it comes to Eyelash extensions, permanent make-up and shellac.

Dinner In The Sky

Dinner in the Sky is a unique opportunity to discover haute cuisine in an unforgettable way. The guests will be enjoying their dinner, prepared by a Michelin star chef, at a platform table fifty meters high up in the sky. The concept was established ten years ago and in the meantime, it has seen 59 […]


GLOWINTHEDARK is a Dutch eclectic DJ duo, who worked with big names such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki and toured all over the world. After their first hit album, the boys made a Dutch album with the hottest Dutch artists. To promote their album, we organized a school tour where the boys visited 60 high […]


She is the first energy drink specially developed for women. It has a fresh and peachy flavor and gives you immediate energy, while it doesn’t contain any calories or sugar. They are strong believers that beauty comes from within, that’s why every can is packed with healthy ingredients like aloë vera, vitamins, calcium and ginseng.


Say hello to honest boots that keep you grounded. CHA is a Dutch-origin label, founded by designer Alisha Staats and specialized in sustainable, animal-friendly and consciously handmade footwear & accessories. All of their products are made with authentic, high-end Italian cow leather that’s been tanned sustainably, free of any prohibited chemicals. It is perfect for […]


Although legal issues may seem far away from you, it is extremely important to take them into account. Late or unpaid bills, work that’s been copied and used without permission or even a participant that suddenly wants to stop halfway through your online process are all risks that come into play when you do business. […]