If you’re looking for a lasting investment in yourself, you choose INYO. The juices form INYO filled with antioxidants, very nutritious and always consist of at least 51% vegetables. For the launch of this delicious juice MISSJ Agency we made the design for the logo, the design for the label and we came up with […]

Perfect Lab

MISSJ Agency for Perfect Lab

After more than 100.000 successful consultations, 12 years of experience and significant positive results Perfect Health launched Perfect Lab where they do their ‘Premium Health Check’ and ‘Darm Health Check’. The Premium Health Check includes a comprehensive blood test which gives you a complete insight in your personal health situation. You get answers to the […]


Say hello to honest boots that keep you grounded. CHA is a Dutch-origin label, founded by designer Alisha Staats and specialized in sustainable, animal-friendly and consciously handmade footwear & accessories. All of their products are made with authentic, high-end Italian cow leather that’s been tanned sustainably, free of any prohibited chemicals. It is perfect for […]

Perfect Health

Perfect Health is a well known player in private healthcare. They supply high-quality supplements for clinics and healthcare professionals, such as Préscan, the market leader in preventive medical research/check-up. Perfect Health believes that everyone is entitled to good health to look after their well-being. After 12 years of experience with over 100.000 successful consultations and […]